Public health, treatment and harm reduction services across Europe are not always prepared for the rapidly expanding use of NPS and lack capacity and tools for addressing the rising use of these substances among marginalized, often young, drug consumers, nor for addressing the risks and potential harms associated with these substances. NPS in Europe launched a series of reports, addressing the phenomenon on political and practical level. The reports are available in the “Publications” section on the website www.npsineurope.eu.

Partner of NPS in Europe are Apdes, Portugal, Charles University, Prague, Rainbow Group and Correlation Network, Amsterdam, Sananim, Prague, Monar, Krakow, Carusel, Bucharest and Praksis, Athens.

Mapping EU 28.

The report provides an overview of the use of new psychoactive substances in populations of People Who Use Drugs Heavily in the EU28 countries.

5 country RAR report 

The RAR aimed to identify and document the emergent use of new psychoactive substances (NPS) among People Who Use Drugs Heavily) in Portugal, Romania, Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Implementation report

The Implementation Report describes the outcomes and results of the RAR Implementations, which have been carried out in the 5 countries.

Lessons Learned & Recommendations NPS training Curriculum

The report draw ’lessons learned’ and provides a number of recommendations when it comes to improved policy and practice in regard to NPS use.

NPS training Curriculum

The training supports the development of appropriate NPS responses with service providers and peers across Europe by raising awareness of new psychoactive substances, policy affecting them and identifying good practice on responding to NPS. For further questions about training modalities please contact Correlation Network at administration@correlation-net.org

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